What is Freedomotic?

Freedomotic is an open source, flexible and secure Internet of Things (IoT) development framework. It can be used to build and manage modern smart spaces. It is targeted at individuals (home automation) as well as businesses (smart retail environments, ambient aware marketing, monitoring and analytics, etc).
Freedomotic can interact with well-known automation protocols as well as with “do it yourself” solutions. It treats the web, social networks and branded frontends as first class components of the system.


Identity: All things have a persistent unique identifier.

Services: The framework is centered around the concept of services for users.

Simulation: Freedomotic allows you to fully run it without any sensor or actuator connected. You can configure and test your automation before buying the hardware.

Distributed: Freedomotic can be run as a decentralized peer to peer network with no single point of failure.

Plugins: You can install new plugins at runtime enriching the features.

Auto discovery: Freedomotic can autodiscover the objects (eg: home automation devices) deployed in your real environment. No more diving into complex configuration files.

History aware: It can track any status change in the environment and update them in a database for analysis.

Secure, Multilanguage and Multiuser ...

Learn and Contribute

Learn how to use Freedomotic and how to work internally or develop your own plugin.


Download and install a plugin to extend the functionalities of your framework.

Developer Manual

Learn the framework architecture, explore internals and write your own plugins.

User Manual

How to download, install and configure your instance of Freedomotic.

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